Event Announcement

What happened behind the scenes of the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala? The Chinese school and its partners worked for four months to bring the show to Cincinnati. And Cincinnati certainly stood out for the artists as the best stop they made among the five cities they toured in the U. S.!

10月9日晚,由中国国务院侨办和海外交流协会主办的《文化中国 中秋国庆慰侨文艺晚会》首次在辛辛那提登陆。在经过其他四个城市的演出后,这批国家一级演员和优秀艺术家们在刚刚焕然一新的辛辛那提百年纪念厅上演了此次来美慰侨的收官之作,在华人华侨和热爱中国文化的美国友人中间引起了不小的轰动。


About GCCS

Founded in 1995, the Greater Cincinnati Chinese School is a non-profit organization with the mission to provide learning opportunities for Chinese language and culture to all interested students and families in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Our school plays a critical role in improving regional cultural diversity and cross-cultural understanding by involving in key community diversity initiatives and building ties with other social and cultural organizations. Our success has been built upon the support from parents, volunteers and local communities, which we greatly appreciate. To continue our success story and provide better services to the community, we will remain committed to our guiding principles of Connect, Collaborate, and Contribute.

Students and teachers meet every Sunday afternoon from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Sycamore High School in Blue Ash.